We are long established certified elevator code professionals; and we offer a full range of elevator consulting services for the many different types of building owners, buyers, sellers, maintainers, trusts, and others who need consulting for their elevator assets. We consult with building owners, managers, architects, engineers, and elevator installation and maintenance companies to ensure your elevator is installed, renovated, modified, serviced, or inspected according to ASME and other federal, state, local, fire code, and other standards for elevators. We provide elevator consulting for State, Federal, Local government buildings and for all other publicly or privately held buildings of ALL sizes, quantities, or elevator makes/models. Quality current and past portfolio and references on your request.

New Installations

We ensure new elevator installations are done right by consulting with project engineers, architects, elevator manufacturer and the elevator installation company to ensure new elevators are installed per ASME standards and all pertaining elevator codes.

Repairs and Upgrades

Elevator repairs and upgrades are expensive!  We consult with maintenance and installation companies to ensure these repairs and upgrades are per ASME standards and all elevator codes.

Elevator Modernizations

Elevators age over time and need "modernizations" to bring them up to current codes and standards.  We consult with  project managers, engineers, architects, elevator manufacturers and installation companies to ensure your modernizations are per ASME standards and all pertaining elevator codes.

Elevator Expert Witness

We serve as expert witness consultants for insurance companies, attorneys, and courts for all types of elevators and lifts.

3rd Party Audits

Comprehensive 3rd party audits for all types of elevator assets.  These detailed equipment audits are used by building owners, realtors, buyers, sellers, trusts, maintenance, financial, and other professionals to make informed decisions about the true current status of the buildings elevator assets. 

Maintenance & Performance

Typically, building owners have a "maintenance contract" with the company they choose to maintain and service their elevator.  We consult with building owners to ensure their maintenance contract is in their best interest.  

How can we assist with your elevators?