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Required Annually; Plan Accordingly


Elevator inspections are required annually.  Why leave it up to fate who inspects your elevator year over year?   Some inspection companies still use paper forms and take a week to get you the forms. 

We are all digital, offer modern support options, have an online portal that offers mad tools, and we would love to earn your business year after year. 

Don’t end up working with 5 different companies in 5 years (and they all do things different)!

Get a quote and choose your company. 

Time equals money... and money equals money.

I will show you with our quote how we can save both you time and money with your elevators.

In fact, along with your quote I will include a list I put together (from actual inspections) of items that elevators most likely fail for in your State.  I think you will find it interesting (and worthwhile).

Heather S. Roberts, CEO

 ELEVATOR & LIFT – Annual inspection quote   *2020/2021


  1. Add Elevator Conveyance # and click +Add button.  Repeat until all of your units are added.
  2. After adding all elevators click NEXT.   * List any conveyance #(s) not found in the “I have others” box on next page.
  3. Choose email or SMS message quote delivery.  A real human will check your quote for accuracy and deliver it (same day).  Done.

Register today – we verify today – then you use today.  Minimal “required” information. 

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