Elevator Consulting

We are established certified elevator code professionals; and we offer a full range of elevator consulting services for the many different types of building owners, buyers, sellers, maintainers, trusts, and others who need consulting for their elevator assets. We consult with building owners, managers, architects, engineers, and elevator installation and maintenance companies to ensure your elevator is installed, renovated, modified, serviced, or inspected according to ASME and other federal, state, local, fire code, and other standards for elevators. We provide elevator consulting for State, Federal, Local government buildings and for all other publicly or privately held buildings of ALL sizes, quantities, or elevator makes/models. Quality current and past portfolio and references on your request.
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Elevator Inspection

We provide 3rd party inspections (routine, periodic, acceptance) for all types of elevators, escalators, walkways and lifts. We perform inspections for existing elevator equipment, equipment being "modernized" and new elevator installations. We are qualified to perform elevator inspections for federal, state, and local government buildings as well as private or trust held buildings (including secure or special-use buildings like prisons, power plants, nuclear facilities, etc). Elevator inspections are electronically saved, stored, filed, and presented to each customer via secure email at the end of each inspection. We digitally store all elevator inspection forms for 10 years (minimum) and we are able to produce copies of all past inspections immediately. Let us help automate your 3rd party elevator inspection processes.
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We are Certified Elevator Code Professionals.

Our inspectors and consultants are Licensed and QEI certified for all State and Federal building elevators and lifts.

We bring decades of elevator industry experience to our clients and we serve buildings and businesses of all size.  Put our experience to work for you!


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Federal, State, and Local elevator inspection rules are confusing and hard to navigate. We Understand these rules. Contact us, we'll answer your questions.


Our Promise

We aim to combine today's technology with yesterday's customer service to eliminate the time, effort and confusion of managing, scheduling, and tracking the required safety inspections for all of your building's elevator assets. 

We maintain certifications and associations with these "standard setting" elevator industry organizations.