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Hello. Here are some general Facts?

How do I schedule my elevator inspection?

You can easily schedule your elevator inspection through Stuard & Associates on our website, emailing, or calling us.

What do I need to apply for my elevator's Certificate of Operation?

Stuard & Associates inspectors provide your elevator’s inspection form via email on the day of inspection. You will mail the inspection form along with your State Application form.

Where do I mail my State Application?

Once you have downloaded the State Application form from our website and filled it out, you will mail the application along with your inspection form to: 

Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal
Division of Elevator Safety
555 West Monroe Street, Suite 1300-N
Chicago, Illinois 60661

How will I know when my elevator is due for inspection?

Stuard & Associates provides inspection services within the State allotted window of time specific to your elevator. We will be happy to provide reminders of upcoming inspections. Simply register your elevator(s) on our website and let us take care of you.

Why do I need an inspector from Stuard & Associates ?

Stuard & Associates inspectors provide the required third party inspections mandated for your elevator.

What is a Triennial Application for Certificate of Operation and does it pertain to me?

A Triennial Application for Certificate of Operation is applicable only if you only have one elevator located at a church, synagogue or other building, structure, or place used primarily for religious worship that is limited to 2 levels and with one door.

How can we help you?

We reply next business day if it’s after hours, and much sooner during office hours.


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