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Application For Certificate Of Operation – Triennial


This application form is strictly for the certificate of operation for each conveyance located at a church, synagogue or other building, structure, or place used primarily for religious worship, that is limited to 2 levels, and is the only conveyance in the building (225 ilcs 312195 (c). The Owner must complete this application for new and existing conveyance(s). The state will issue a Certificate of Operation only for conveyance(s) located in a municipality that has not signed an Elevator Safety Program Agreement with the state. Please check with your municipality before submitting this application. All application forms must be submitted to the Office of the State Fire Marshal, Elevator Safety Division, James R. Thompson Center, 100 West Randolph Street, Suite 4-600, Chicago, Illinois 60601 via US mail. Fax copies will no longer be accepted. The Office will INVOICE you for the initial certification fee of $100.00 or the annual renewal fee of $75.00. Any application for renewal of Certificate of Operation that has expired will be subject to an additional Late Fee of $50.00. (PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY WITH THIS APPLICATION). A copy of a final inspection report indicating the conveyance has PASSED inspection must also be submitted with each application. The Elevator Safety Division will process the application(s) in the order that they are received, and shall issue a certificate of operation for each conveyance upon payment of the invoice. This certificate must be displayed in the conveyance and must be renewed on a triennial basis based on a triennial conveyance inspection.

NOTE: Your conveyance MUST be registered with the State of Illinois prior to requesting a Certificate of Operation.

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